Thank you for stopping by, I’m glad to have you around!

My name is Maria and I’m a young woman doing her best in order to make her way towards joyful yet meaningful living…
Primadonnology would primarily serve as notes throughout my journey.
I’ll be walking on the path of self-development, and discovering life pleasures, but the main concept is based on my expression by projecting experience, and sharing resource I’ve gained so far in order to make this platform a safe space for those that dream big, wanderlust and pursue their ideal life.
So, if you want to get day to day spark, artsy recommendation or advice on how to do things within the youth/non-formal field, you’ll feel right at home!
My vision leads me far, and I’m open to evolvement, but so far I’ve decided to supply you with short but sweet posts and videos.

Feel free to contact me and/or follow anywhere you find @Primadonnology

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